Friday, July 31, 2009

700 WLW's Tracy Jones says streetcar is a "horrible" idea.

Because we all know that a former mediocre baseball player with absolutely no transit experience knows best!

On July 29, 2009; Mayor Mark Mallory was a guest on 700 WLW's "Eddie and Tracy" show where he discussed the proposed Cincinnati streetcar system. Jones gave his trademark "it's a HOORRRRIIIBBBLLEE idea" catchphrase at the end of the interview. To hear the podcast, click here. Between talking over the mayor and reminding everyone listening that he "used to be a professional baseball player," I doubt Tracy had much time to ponder the idea of the streetcar before he drew his conclusion.

It's funny. Tracy Jones, a local radio host and former mediocre MLB player, thinks the streetcar is a bad idea, yet these experts on transit issues think the streetcar would reap great economic benefit for this city:

Sorry Trace, I think I'm gonna have to go with these opinions over yours. "It is what it is" pal!

Edit: Tracy also said "8 of the 9 council people are opposed to the streetcar." That is FALSE, 8 of the 9 council members are opposed to COAST's Anti-Passenger Rail Charter Amendment!


  1. Eddie and Tracy are generally funny and harmless, as most of their routine is designed to entertain, not inform. People should get this. Unfortunately, I think that a majority of the listening public still believe that callers like "Rod from Norwood" and "Richard from Indian Hill" are actual people, so they certainly can't distinguish between Tracy Jones' schtick on the streetcar and actual facts.

  2. Good point, Stephen. 700 WLW hosts are entertainers. They are pundits and commentators. They are not urban planning experts, historians, nor transit spokespeople. When you hear people from Kenwood, Middletown, or Independence give their opinions on what should (or shouldn't) happen in Over-the-Rhine, be cautious. Some things they say are very smart. I agree with Willie on who is to blame for crime in the city. I agree with Tracy that pools are essential to the quality of life in the city.
    I haven't heard anyone on that station propose an alternative solution to revitalize OTR - or for someone challenge them to do so. What that solution is, probably a more "horrible" idea.