Monday, August 3, 2009

Petitions Submitted to City Council

Today, special interest group COAST issued their anti-rail charter amendment to the City of Cincinnati City Council. Calling it the "demand for a vote," the charter amendment would require a public vote on any passenger rail project within the city limits of Cincinnati. This widespread amendment would not only complicate the proposed streetcar project, but could significantly set back Cincinnati from being part of the proposed 3C rail corridors and federal high speed rail projects. COAST claims it's just about "demanding a vote," but COAST is more interested in only demanding a vote for initiatives their special interest group supports. 

Keep in mind, your taxes aren't being raised to pay for the proposed streetcar, yet COAST claims to be against the plan on the grounds that they are an "anti-tax" group. COAST doesn't seem to have a problem with our local politicians spending our tax dollars on highway and road projects that continue to mushroom in cost and construction time. For years, our taxes have gone to pay for, maintain, improve and expand our roadways while anti-tax group COAST sat idly by when these projects became the "boondoggles" they claim to fear. Yet, as soon as a Streetcar (which many reputable sources agree is a smart economic investment and catalyst for this city) is proposed, COAST is all up in arms. This self proclaimed "conservative" group even kicked their values to the curb and teamed up with the likes of "Chris Smitherman," a man who called our brave police officers "racists" while he was in city council.

COAST only demands a vote when it's convenient for them. Well, to Mr. Mark Miller, Chris Finney,  Jason Gloyd and Chris Smitherman: Sorry to say it, that's not how democracy works. You don't get to pick and chose which projects you want to vote for, you elect representatives to do it for you. It's how our government was founded.

When it comes time for federal stimulus funds to be given out for rail projects and as the 3C corridor rail project becomes more and more likely, the federal and state government aren't going to sit by and say "Oh hey, we'll wait a few months for Cincinnati to vote on it." They'll just pass us on by and we'll have COAST and Chris Smitherman to thank for once again keeping us "twenty years behind the times."


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