Monday, August 31, 2009

Metro and Streetcar Services Would Complement Eachother

In a recent Cincinnati Enquirer article, Barry Horstman, questioned whether the construction and operation of the proposed modern streetcar would take away riders from the Queen City Metro bus service. COAST was quick to post on their blog a new segment calling streetcar supporters "snotty" and attempted to imply that streetcar supporters somehow feel those currently riding buses are "inferior." The folks at COAST went directly to name calling and generalizing instead of reading Mr. Horstman's article thoroughly. Here's what Queen City METRO had to say about the streetcar:
"We really see it being more complementary than competitive," said Sallie Hilvers, Metro's chief administrative officer. "We'd work with the streetcar operator to make sure we coordinate schedules so that the services don't overly duplicate each other."
So here we have METRO officials admitting that the streetcar could be a complimentary service. When asked about how the streetcar would affect ridership they said:
"And even if the streetcars produce a drop in Metro ridership, buses could be redirected to other routes needing additional service, Hilvers said."
The Horstman article sparked some heated debate within the comment section of COAST's post where COAST supporters continued continued the name calling, word twisting and generalizations. Long time COAST blog reader and supporter "Bris Chortz" posted this:
The poster that user "Bris Chortz" quoted was speaking of how buses can be delayed when accommodating passengers with restricted mobility or passengers who need to fasten their bicycles to the front rack of a bus. The poster was making a point of how modern streetcars do not require handicap ramps or bike racks, rather passengers in wheelchairs can roll right onto the streetcar straight from the curb and bikes can be brought onto cars that can hold up to 200 passengers at a time. The poster whom "Bris Chortz" attacked never mentioned excluding anyone, he made that up. Unfortunately, this is the level COAST and it's supporters feel they need to stoop to.

The streetcar is not a snobbish toy, it's an improved transit option that will be more appealing to attracting new ridership and promoting economic development along it's route all while complementing our current public transportation options for all citizens.


  1. COAST has so many internal problems and conflicting arguments that it's becoming (initially annoying, but now) humorous. They proclaim to be both "lawyers" and "activists", "for the people", but their circular doublespeak on these (and many other) issues obviously points to their one endgoal...

    From everything they've posted - blogs posts, blog responses, "official" news reports, etc., etc. - and their shockingly obvious stance on the massive taxes and handouts related to the auto industry, one could come away with the assumption that this is just another puppet organization for a much larger group.

    The acronym COAST is a joke, and the automobile is the most snobbish and egotistical form of transportation out there (a.k.a. "toy"). Still, no one's proclaiming that trains will ever replace cars - COASTers just don't want Cincinnatians to have real transit options, and they don't want to see the city as a whole progress.

  2. Well said Matt, when it comes down to it COAST has no real, sound or intelligent argument. Instead they get lawyers to write their words, mislead petition signers and try to turn this into an issue of race.

  3. There is a twitter user @karaswims who has a blog about disability. She was concerned about the streetcar until shown a video of a wheelchair entering without hinderance. She was totaly sold after that.
    Its amazing how far a little education goes.

  4. Since everyone seems to be focused on language today...
    I think the word you were looking for was complement, not compliment.

  5. Thanks Mark! Correction noted.

    P.S. Loved the leisure suit you were sporting at today's council meeting.