Thursday, August 13, 2009

More lies from the good folks at COAST.

Fact Checking and Research Still Comes Hard for Local Special Interest Group.

I recently came across something I agreed with COAST on; Steve Driehaus. Unfortunately, the very next day COAST proved that even though I see eye-to-eye with them on one thing, they're still flat out liars when it comes to the streetcar issue.

On August 12, 2009 at 7:00 A.M. COAST linked to an editorial and claimed the Cincinnati Enquirer said to "Stop Trolley Proposal Dead in it's Tracks." Actually, though, the editorial says "Put Streetcar Project on Hold," not what COAST claimed. The editorial also notes that they "do not oppose a streetcar system," just feel that the project should be put on hold until there is a "solid economic outlook." Maybe if members of the COAST blog team had taken the time to read the Enquirer instead of making up quotes, they would have also seen that the Cincinnati Enquirer also considers their charter amendment to be a "Poison Pill" for Cincinnati.

Oh, but there's more!

Eight minutes later, in reference to Mayor Mallory's recent trip to Portland, COAST was back with more lies claiming: "COAST estimates that the City spent more than $10,000 in tax dollars on the junket." It should be noted though that again, had COAST taken the time to actually research the subject, and not just make up "estimates," they would have learned the trip was paid for by money inserted by a settlement with Duke Energy into the Businesses and Jobs Attraction Account (a total of $750,000 was inserted into the account), not a single tax payer dollar! They could have easily taken two minutes to read the Enquirer, like I did. However, that form of truth isn't convenient for COAST, so they'd rather make something up.

Even today the Cincinnati Enquirer (a paper that has traditionally endorsed conservative candidates the past few elections) and Cincinnati Business Courier question COAST's charter amendment and rightfully so. They've shown just how dangerous and ridiculous the proposed amendment is for this city.


  1. That suit was filed by the City on behalf of the citizens, giving them ownership of settlement proceeds. So unless you can prove that Duke Energy doesn't pay any taxes, you should rightfully retract both counts of your your statement.

    You might also note that the quotation marks around "Stop Trolley Proposal Dead in it's Tracks." are yours. We were careful not to attribute those words to the Enquirer. But hey, don't let little things like facts get in the way of a good spin. Touché!

  2. "But hey, don't let little things like facts get in the way of a good spin."

    Ha, as your blog proves on a daily basis, no one knows better about good spin than you guys.