Tuesday, August 4, 2009

COAST references Oklahoma City Bombing, claim's their political opponents are "crack heads."

But then again, what would you expect from an organization who teams up with an ex-councilman who liked to call our police officers "racist?"

In their most recent blog post, COAST questioned why citizens in Seattle (Seattle recently opened a new light rail line that is often highlighted by pro-streetcar advocates) held votes on their transit systems, yet here in Cincinnati we would not be voting on the proposed streetcar system to which eight of the nine council men and women support. I could go on for days as to why California style referendum voting isn't needed here in Cincinnati and why the COAST charter amendment is a joke. I've also covered extensively why the city of Portland voted on their streetcar system and why Cincinnati presently won't be (unless the proposed charter amendment passes). What it comes down to though is this:
  • In Portland and Seattle taxes were raised to cover the costs of their transit systems, so a vote was held to approve the raise in taxes.
  • In Cincinnati, your TAXES WILL NOT BE RAISED to fund the streetcar's construction.
COAST, on their blog today was quoted as saying: "Cincinnatians For Progress thinks you must be some kind of crack-head if you believe in voting on passenger rail transportation." The quote was linked to an article in which the progress group referred to referendum styled voting as the "crack cocaine of democracy," but never called any voter or citizen a "crack-head." That was COAST implying that you, the taxpaying public, must be the crackhead, right their on their blog. The COAST blog then proceeds to link to a blog post by The Phony Coney, saying: "...it won't lead to Timothy McVeigh-style truck bombs." Well, The Phony Coney never implied such a thing. A commenter on the blog drew some sort of analogy, but never claimed voting against the COAST charter amendment would lead to domestic terrorism. The last and final quote of the day from the COASTers was this little gem: So tell CFP to shove their so-called "progress" up their crack-pipe and smoke it. I'll let that quote alone right there to attest to COAST's maturity and professionalism, or lack there of. These gentleman are adults?


  1. they're digging their own hole. additionally, have you ever heard Brian Thomas or Willie talk about this issue? ...not much better.

  2. Can't believe you gave us a pass on the S.L.U.T. innuendo. Off your game a little?

    Oh, and the McVeigh thing links to the specific comment, not the blog post. Check it out.

    Thanks for the traffic!

  3. Like Doug Bolton, publisher of the Cincinnati Business Courier, said:

    "Take a tour of the nearly daily posts at CincyStreetcar [Blog]. Need to know the opposite point of view? Go to COAST. There's a big difference in the quality of the content, favoring those who want to see a better Cincinnati than we have now."