Saturday, August 8, 2009

Enquirer: Amendment is about 'less,' not 'more.'

Even if you're NOT a streetcar supporter, here's why you should oppose the COAST/NAACP backed passenger rail charter amendment!

Posted in the editorial section of our hometown newspaper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, is an honest writing about the dangers of the proposed COAST/NAACP backed passenger rail charter amendment. The editorial outlines that not only would the amendment most likely kill the streetcar project, but would keep Cincinnati out of consideration from other passenger rail projects that are being moved forward with by the federal and state governments to connect other major cities. Here's a little excerpt:
"A "Yes" vote on the Charter amendment effectively means "No" on the streetcar, but its faux-populist "let the people vote" cachet might draw support from people who otherwise might favor a streetcar. A "No" on the amendment, on the other hand, doesn't necessarily translate into streetcar support."
Now the Cincinnati Enquirer, who has traditionally not been a fan of the streetcar, is opposed to the dangerous and deceptive charter amendment proposed by special interest group COAST and their lawyer leader Chris Finney. Read the full editorial here and see the truth for yourself: 'Poison Pill' Amendment is About 'Less,' not 'More.'

Additionally, the Cincinnati Business Courier believes that from an economic and business standpoint, the Cincinnati Streetcar is: "Exactly the game changer Cincinnati needs."

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