Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Victory over Issue 9. "You Can't Stop Progress!"

Gordon Bombay over at Queen City Discovery covered the victory party pretty well, but where do we go from here? Issue 9 wasn't just defeated, it was soundly and decisively turned down by the voters 56 to 44 percent. So to Chris Finney and Chris Smitherman, the two men who tried to derail this city via a deceptive charter amendment, I dedicate this song to you:

"You Can't Stop Progress"
by: Clutch

While Chris Smitherman ignored the voters decision and already began pledging another charter amendment for the next year, I hope COAST treasurer Mark Miller makes good on his promise to 700 WLW radio host to Bill Cunningham. You know, the one where he said if Issue 9 loses "COAST has to shut up and go away." Although Chris Smitherman is not a member of COAST, the good folks over at our rival group should remind him that the voters have spoken.

Mr. Smitherman, just in case you ever happen to read this, I'd like to remind you: You were voted off of council after one term, the voters flat out and decisively rejected your bogus Issue 9 charter amendment, your fellow NAACP members want you impeached and your attempt to confuse voters and then blame it on the opposition backfired and left you looking like an idiot. Take a hint, Chris. Cincinnati has placed it's faith in democracy and it's elected officials, not extermist goons such as yourself.

Bill Cunningham said it best: "Smitherman's a clown."

Cincinnati, way to stand up against the antiquated, stupid thinking of people like Smitherman and COAST, way to stand up against Issue 9! Let's keep Cincinnati moving forward! You can't stop progress! We proved Mark Twain wrong for once...

Let's keep the momentum going: Let's Make Cincinnati A Better Place to Live!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi and wore a CAAST sticker proudly. It was nice to meet so many of you and this has been a great experience defeating Issue 9.


  1. They demanded a vote. They got it.
    Unfortunately I don't see them (COAST) packing up their toys and going home.

  2. Another vote may be unnecessary, anyway. With the shift of power in the council, there may not be enough streetcar backers to get it done.

    I haven't heard that pointed out in the newspaper, though. Am I off base here?

  3. Way off, only 3 out of 9 on the new council oppose the streetcar, not to mention the mayor who strongly supports it.

  4. Well done Tairy, thanks for your all of your hard work!

  5. Don't forget that Ghiz is actually in support of the streetcar (and other passenger rail) projects, just "not right now". She may very well begin supporting it again if the failure of Issue 9 is seen as an indicator that it would help her keep the seat in 2011.

    Don't forget, too, that the HamCo GOP was also against Issue 9. Monzel is against pretty much anything being built by the city if it isn't more streets, parking lots, police or fire stations. Winburn is just against the Trolley because he thinks that OTR is a festering cesspool of rapists, thugs, murderers, and that nobody has any good reason to be there legitimately. Really, those are the only two with real opposition to the idea.

  6. And we elected a councilperson whose whole platform was the streetcar, Laure Quinlivan, whats that tell you.

    Lets enjoy this a week or so before getting back into politics.
    Its a new day in Cincinnati.

  7. oh yeah, good choice with Clutch.

  8. ^Can't go wrong with a little "Pure Rock Fury."