Monday, October 26, 2009

Smitherman Says His Own Amendment Deceiving!

Chris Smitherman, Cincinnati NAACP president, and one of the leading members of the "We Demand a Vote" Coalition who worked with Anderson Township lawyer Christopher Finney to author the ballot language of Issue 9 is now calling his own amendment "political corruption."

In a press release dated October 26, 2009, the local NAACP president had this to say:
"The Cincinnati NAACP remains concerned that a Yes vote on Issues 8 & 9 mean No and a No vote on Issues 8 & 9 means Yes. "This is nothing short of madness and political corruption," Smitherman says."
How could it be "corruption," though? Smitherman himself worked with Christopher Finney to author the ballot language. He even told the Cincinnati Enquirer how proud he was of it back in June of this year. Now all of the sudden Smitherman is concerned that the voters will be fooled? Smitherman's press release continues to spiral into his own pool of confusion and self delusion when he says:
"There is no explanation for a Yes meaning No and a No meaning Yes. This is not a tradition but an attempt to trick voters. "
Who is to blame for this "trick," Chris? You helped write the language yourself! Are you being serious? We all know that Chris Smitherman is no stranger to these types of referendums and ballot language. He worked with Finney and Co. on the previous jail tax and red light camera initiatives. Now all of the sudden he's realized that his own ballot language is deceiving? You have got to be kidding me

Smitherman's half truths and exaggerations continue throughout the press release:
"...reject Mayor Mark Mallory's attempt to build a $200 million streetcar while shutting down our bus system, laying off bus drivers, and raising bus fares on the poor and disabled."
Do we have to cover this again? Smitherman has been corrected multiple times that the estimated cost of the streetcar is $128 million, $185 million with the uptown extension, not $200 million. Also, Mayor Mark Mallory is not shutting down the current bus system. Queen City Metro, our bus system operator, has said multiple times that they support the streetcar plan and have even endorsed a "no" vote on Issue 9. These kind of lies and shallow attacks are what we have come to expect from Chris Smitherman ever since he was voted off of city council. I think Bill Cunningham got it right last week when he said: "Smitherman's a clown."

Now Smitherman is confused by his own ballot language! Leaders like Chris Smitherman exercise the exact kind of antiquated, stupid thinking that has kept us "20 years behind the times."



  1. Wow. This is really quite an amazing development. I don't know if I've ever agreed with anything Bill Cunningham has ever said, but Smitherman truly is a "clown" (to put it nicely). This guy is such a joke.

  2. If there was doubt before, anything and everything Smitherman has ever said has to cast in doubt. Has he finally opened his eyes to whats going on?
    Hasn't he read that other blog, according to them this is clear as glass to a 5th grader.

  3. The Enquirer is planning on running a story on this development soon.

  4. Cincinnatus:

    I agree Smitherman is a clown...he is the typical antiquated, stupid thinking that we need to push out of Cincinnati. Even the NAACP dislikes him:

    5chw4r7z, I think this is nothing more than stunt by Smitherman to try and make it look like the pro-streetcar people look like they're confusing the voters. Luckily it backfired and the Enquirer called him out on it today, they quoted him and he made himself look even more stupid.

  5. Way to work the phrase "antiquated, stupid thinking" into every post. I also salute your notion of pushing stupid people out of the city. So few people have the depth of character to suggest simply doing away with people they disagree with :)

    I think Smitherman is covering his ass here. By claiming the ballot is confusing, he can cry foul if the results of the election make him look bad (regardless of actual outcome). A disgusting example of cynicism, but such is politics nowadays.

  6. (^) When is politics ever not about cynicism and if-by-whiskey doublespeak?

  7. "Way to work the phrase "antiquated, stupid thinking" into every post."

    You know how we roll.

  8. When Sillyman claims it is an example of political corruption it goes beyond cynicism. It's either lying or insanity.