Friday, October 30, 2009

Poorly written Issue 9 affects roads, rail, sidewalks...EVERYTHING!

Mark Painter of Clifton Heights-Fairview served as a trial and appellate judge for 27 years.

Just when you thought Issue 9 wasn't as broad reaching or deceptive enough, the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting...

"A court might determine that the "last antecedent rule" applies to the amendment. If so, every acquisition of land - for widening a street, building a bridge - would be subject to a popular vote! At the very least, there would be expensive and time-consuming lawsuits. Not to mention making us a laughingstock." - Cincinnati Enquirer October 30, 2009

So now, not only does Issue 9 affect all passenger rail projects no matter what the cost or funding sources, it now affects right-of-way acquisition for everything! Streetcars, sidewalks, roads, etc. Take a look at the Painter article and see for yourself, this Issue would keep Cincinnati in a legal mess for years to come! Whether you support the streetcar or not, this is obviously about much, much more. This amendment is absolutely ridiculous. Click here to read the full article.


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  1. It's also important to note that both the I-71 and I-75 projects that are planned now are designed around securing right-of-way for rail to run alongside or in the median.

    This is for I-75 from the Brent Spence all the way to I-275 (The Through-The-Valley Project), and I-71 from downtown, up through the future Martin Luther King interchange.

    This would either require a vote for these projects to continue, or starting from scratch; millions have been spent already to draw up the plans for these two interstates.