Monday, October 12, 2009

Jason Gloyd is a Liar or an Idiot, Whichever Title You Prefer.

The above title is a bold statement, but after reading COAST's blog today I'm inclined to believe that it's true. In a flurry of posts, Jason Gloyd, chairman of COAST, repeatedly showed his ignorance and apathy towards learning the facts on local issues and his true colors as a special interest patsy. You might remember, Gloyd. He was the one who on 700 WLW's Bill Cunningham show tried to tell "Willie" that the streetcars were powered by coal. Even I felt embarrassed for Gloyd when the next caller corrected nearly every one of Jason's fabrications.

From the COAST blog:
“How, exactly, is the public to make its voice heard on passenger rail spending,” said COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd"
Jason, you, just like every other citizen had numerous chances to attend public hearings and meetings regarding the issue. Many of the great citizens of this city did and gave their input, both recently when city council held open houses and in the past few years when the project was in the planning stages.
“Some damned fool nameless, faceless bureaucrat decided to build a $60 million subway station on Cincinnati’s Riverfront in 2002,” said COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd."
Jason has been told many times, but he still chooses to ignore the real price of the Riverfront Transit Center: $18 Million, according to the Cincinnati Post, $23 Million, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. NOT $60 MILLION! Gloyd also ignores the fact that the operation of the center is contracted out to System Parking and the city of Cincinnati gets a share of the parking revenue from the center and it's adjoining parking lots. The Transit Center has been making money during large events ever since it opened.

Damned, nameless fools Jason? Are you serious? As someone who is the chairman of a special interest political group, you'd think you would've taken the time to get acquainted with the names of your local politicians who approved the building of the Transit Center along with the reconstruction of Ft. Washington Way.

Jason has also allowed his special interest group to distribute these misleading yard signs:

But, as CAAST pointed out the other day, Issue 9 wouldn't just stop the streetcar, it would reject ALL PASSENGER RAIL projects. Keeping Cincinnati further and further behind other major cities. Further promoting the "20 years behind the times" stereotype. Wonder why Jason and his boys at COAST didn't put "STOP PASSENGER RAIL" on their sign and tell the truth? Why does the truth come so hard for Jason and COAST?

Maybe this sign would work better:

Warning: This sign has been modified for truthfulness!


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  1. It's a hard thing to say and I always try to believe the person is an idiot. Thing is, it is a strategy to punt a lie so it gets out there and festers. You might apologize later or make a quiet retraction but the target of your lie is still saddled with having to defend himself. After COA T's hysterical warnings about Commissioners Pepper & Portune saying they would raise taxes, well, eliminate a rollback, when in reality they had said nothing - the Commissioners still had to take time out of a meeting to explain to people that they had been lied to.
    And then, of course, you were left wondering if they were lying about the other guy lying and.....
    unethical people suck