Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tom Luken Doesn't Want Anything to Change

Ex-mayor/Congressman exercises typical antiquated, stupid thinking.
While the rest of the nation and world trudge forward into the future, Tom Luken thinks everything here in Cincinnati is just all hunky dory and fine. In fact he wouldn't change a thing. At least that's what the aging COAST spokesperson told citizens at a recent public meeting. To quote the reporting of Enquirer reporter Steve Kemme:

One question was, if you could shape the future of the city, what’s the one thing you would do to change the city?

Luken’s response?

“Nothing. I like it just the way it is. Status quo.”

It's local folklore, and quoted at the top of this blog, that Mark Twain once said: "When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati. Because its always twenty years behind the times." With idiots like Tom Luken running around saying things like this and promoting special interest groups like COAST, it's no wonder people think Cincinnati is twenty years behind the times. My question is; if Tom Luken is satisfied with the status quo, why does he want to amend the city charter with a restrictive amendment like Issue 9? I thought everything was just fine "staus quo?"

Reject the antiquated, stupid thinking of Tom Luken, reject special interest groups, reject California style referdum voting and reject lawyers from outside our city trying to bring down Democracy in Cincinnati. Reject Issue 9!


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  1. It's unclear why Tom Luken is involved in this campaign, other than to make it known that he's "still in the game". When he arrived at the Joe Biden rally in Northside back in June, nobody came up and talked to him for at least 10 minutes. He stood there all alone. A former mayor, former congressman, and he's useful to nobody today except COAST.