Monday, December 28, 2009

What does "COAST" really stand for?

If you look at COAST's blog post labels they tag their blog posts according to their subject matter. The full list is viewable on their website, the most popular below:

Cincinnati (89)
Streetcar (65)
WeDemandaVote (50)
Taxes (50)
Spending (48)

So what does this tell us about COAST?

Well their number one concern is stopping progress in Cincinnati even though the VAST MAJORITY of their members don't live in the City, so maybe they should be called "
Cincinnati's Overlords in AnderSon Township"

Well they hate streetcars even though they require no additional taxes and involve much much less spending than other transportation projects ($128 million v. $2,600 million for the brent spence bridge) so maybe they should be called the "
Coalition Opposed to All Sustainable Transportation"

And number three on the their list (in a tie with taxes) is WeDemandAVote, a group that partnered with NAACP president Chris Smitherman to oppose the streetcar, only to see Issue 9, which they authored, soundly defeated.

For a group that allegedgly cares about taxes and spending, they sure don't seem to prioritize it. Maybe it is beacuse this is how they make their decisions:

COAST, please keep your lies confined to Blue ash and anderson township, if you stop trying to hold back Cincinnati, we promise we won't do anything to improve Blue Ash and Anderson Township, sound fair?


  1. Why don't they work on outlawing rail out in the townships where the fight will be easier and leave the city alone?
    Oh Yeah, because their egos get stroked more in the city.

  2. It's been said that our government used to be run by white men of means. How things have changed. That's a group of mean white men.