Monday, December 28, 2009

Why does COAST lie about Rail Transportation?

What really does COAST have against passenger rail transportation? They claim it's often "too damned expensive," yet you never see them opposing other expensive forms of transportation, many of which are often way more expensive than passenger rail transportation. COAST can't even make a good argument for being against passenger rail transportation. This was ever so apparent in the recent election when their passenger rail charter amendment, Issue 9, was defeated by Cincinnati voters %56 - %44.

Recently, COAST blogged about Amtrak rail service in the Northeastern Corridor being delayed due to electrical problems caused by inclement weather. What COAST conveniently failed to mention though, was that AMTRAK service was back up and running after only a three hour delay, while the roads and airports continued to be hampered, delayed and closed due to the snowstorm on the East Coast.

So after only a three hour delay, Amtrak's North Eastern Corridor was back up and running...

While the roads and airports were still affected by snow...

So COAST, why lie? Why continue to try and mislead about passenger rail transportation and not oppose the massive amounts additional taxes and spending that other transportation projects will require? You've come out in clear opposition to the Ohio 3C Passenger Rail project, but have remained completely silent on the local issues of the BILLION DOLLAR Brent Spence Bridge Replacement and $675 Million I-75 Re-Widening. Why remain silent on these instances of additional spending? Kind of goes against your group's title doesn't it?

Makes you think; who's paying and lobbying them to drum up support against passenger rail transportation and remain silent on other transportation projects that waste millions of dollars more?

To anyone reading this that may be paying/lobbying COAST to do just that: You might want to rethink who you're paying to do your dirty work. As COAST/NAACP/WEDEMANDAVOTE proved in the last election, they're not very good at it. See: Issue 9 Election Results


  1. I wondered the same thing all last year, what do the people who oppose rail stand to gain? Or more likely lose when the streetcar is up and running.
    They own business in the outer suburbs that no one will go to anymore?

  2. I agree it is very baffling. I once heard someone elsewhere put up the arguement that public transportation was more Socialist, but that just seems silly. Highways, as you noted, have been significantly more costly, both in their production and the decimation of communities, and the bill has always been footed by the public.

    I was thinking about this yesterday (yes, I really need to get a life!), but I continue to believe that COAST and their like are the folks who really want a free ride. They do not believe that there is much that should be spent on the public good, for making us a better and richer society. They came out against the library tax because they can't see how our region is made better by having a great library system available to all, regardless of their ability to pay. In fact, when I use a phrase like that, they trot out Lenin and Marx, instead of Jesus and the early Christian communities.

    But again, they don't care about making our city/state/nation better, they just want to pay nothing and hope for a better society. Oh well, we'll keep up the fight over their desire to have a free ride.

  3. Why does COAST lie about rail? For the same the reason that they lie about everything; They are chonic liars who would say or do anything in order to get their radical right wing agenda enacted. That's why.

    Q: How do you know that a COASTer is lying?

    A: His mouth is moving or his fingers are typing.

  4. And don't forget the would-be Pants Bomber in Detroit this weekend. Coming soon to an airport near you: Mandatory body cavity searches.