Sunday, January 3, 2010

COASTers celebrate the Christmas Season and losing records, both of their organization and the Cleveland Browns.

COASTer Brad Wenstrup (center) poses with other COAST members at COAST's annual Christmas Party held at Slatt's Pub in Blue Ash. Wenstrup was recently defeated in his run for mayor of Cincinnati. Photo courtesy of COAST'.

Ah, tiss the holiday season! To all of our loyal readers, fans and haters, the folks here at CAAST would to extend our warmest holiday wishes to you. Thank you for your support and we hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We'd even like to extend a very, yet belated, Merry Christmas to our buddies at COAST. Speaking of which, our friends recently were "simply having a wonderful Christmas time."

Not surprisingly, COAST held their annual holiday party at a suburban bar outside of the city limits of Cincinnati, a city whose politics they love to interfere with yet very few of their members actually live in. Anderson Township COAST leaders Chris Finney and Jason Gloyd were seen rubbing elbows with their failed mayoral candidate, Brad Wenstrup, at Slatt's Pub in Blue Ash, Ohio.

Slatt's Pub was a good choice for COAST to hold their holiday party. According to Slatt's website, their establishment is the official "Brown Backers bar of Greater Cincinnati." Slatt's shows all Cleveland Browns games and offers discounts to registered fans of the Cleveland Browns football team, arch-rivals of our own Cincinnati Bengals. So why is this perfect for COAST? Well, it works out great:

Slatt's doesn't support the hometown team, rather their rivals.
- COAST doesn't support Cincinnati, rather tries to interfere in it's politics despite the fact the majority of their group is located in the suburbs.

The Cleveland Browns have a losing record.
- COAST has a losing record!

The Cleveland Browns lost 11 games this season, winning only five. Coincidentally COAST only had five victories as well. Out of 17 COAST endorsed candidates and issues, all failed except five.

So as displaced Browns fans from the greater Cincinnati area gathered at Slatt's to mourn the team's abysmal season (Cincinnati defeated Cleveland twice) and losing record, the COASTers gathered to celebrate theirs.

- COASTer Brad Wenstrup (left) was defeated in the recent mayoral election by Mayor Mark Mallory %54 - %46. Photo credit: COAST