Friday, September 25, 2009

$185 Million. Is it worth it?

That's a question council candidate Laure Quinlivan asked herself. So she went to see firsthand what the streetcar has done for Portland, she's now convinced that the streetcar is a wise investment that would benefit all of Cincinnati. See for yourself:

Laure Quinlivan's Streetcar Report from Laure Quinlivan on Vimeo.

How many trips have Chris Smitherman or Chris Finney taken to Portland to experience passenger rail before they tried to ban it? None. That's why it's the job of our elected officials to research and develop these ideas before they invest on our city and that's what we elect them to do. Lawyers and special interest groups are in it for their own benefit.

Say no to lawyers and special interest groups running our town! Stand up for proper democracy in Cincinnati! Vote no on 9!

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