Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boss Finney

Cartoonist Nick Sweeney drew this portrait of local lawyer Christopher Finney, author of the Issue 9 ballot language that the Cincinnati Enquirer calls a 'Poison Pill' for the city.

Meanwhile, our friends over at Queen City Discovery can take you on a virtual ride of the streetcar route.
"A "Yes" vote on the Charter amendment [Issue 9] effectively means "No" on the streetcar, but its faux-populist "let the people vote" cachet might draw support from people who otherwise might favor a streetcar. A "No" on the amendment, on the other hand, doesn't necessarily translate into streetcar support." - Barry Horstman, Cincinnati Enquirer 8/8/09
Say NO to lawyers and special interest groups! Stand up for proper democracy in Cincinnati! Vote NO on 9!

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