Thursday, September 10, 2009

For Stronger Neighborhoods, Vote NO on Issue 9!

It has been reported that the misleading NAACP/COAST backed Anti-Passenger Rail Amendment has been assigned #9 as it's issue number on this November's ballot. A "Yes" vote would not only delay and possibly prevent the building of the proposed modern Streetcar line but could exclude Cincinnati from future passenger rail projects and prevent this city from receiving State and Federal funding, creating a greater cost to the taxpaying citizen.

Aside from the Streetcar, Cincinnati is being considered and looked at for inclusion on the proposed Eastern Corridor commuter line, OKI Regional Transit plan, the 3C corridor and the Federal Governments proposed high speed rail network. A "Yes" vote on Issue 9 could leave Cincinnati out of these plans, allowing the benefits to go to other nearby cities passing Cincinnati by. The benefits of having rail transportation could be applied to not just the neighborhoods served by the proposed rail lines, but to all Cincinnati neighborhoods. So for stronger neighborhoods, vote NO on Issue 9.

More coverage of Issue 9.

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